Neofolk Festival (+Har Belex + Rome) Gruta77, Madrid 22.03.14

Mannequins (promo pics by Carlo Roberti)

Wave Gotik Treffen 2012 – Felsenkeller, Leipzig (DE) 26.05.12

Sinister Noise – Rome (IT) 24.02.12 (shooting by Carlo Alberto Riolo & Paolo Palmieri)

7er Club (Sol Invictus opening gig) – Mannheim (DE) 08.10.11 – by Timo Raab

The Festival of Dreams – Centrul Cultural Reduta – Brasov (RO) 07.05.11

Dissesto Musicale (shooting by Roberto Angel De Propris) – Tivoli (IT) 29.04.11

Cabaret Syndrome promo (shooting by Ney – edit by oniric)