Oniric is an italian duo formed in 2005 by Carlo De Filippo and Gianvigo (Gianpiero Timbro).
Their first artistic meet brought quickly to the spontaneous and essential compositions of ethereal and dreaming inspiration, merging Carlo’s melancholy tunes and blurred dark sounds with melodies and sonorous elucubrations from GianVigo: since the early works (EPs), the nostalgic and intimate vein was a constant for what would been the future oniric production.

Enhanced by the heavenly voice of Simona Giusti in recording sessions and live activity, in 2009 the duo signed a contract with the Spanish label ‘Caustic Records’, releasing in the the same year the first album ‘Cabaret Syndrome’, with good responses by critics and audiences. The single, ‘Blessing’, which also had a videoclip in 2010, was the soundtrack of several spots and documentaries.

In April 2011, after a long series of live performances in renowned italian clubs, the project began to take part in international festivals, first of which “The Festival of Dreams” as headliner band in Brasov -Transylvania- (RO), the opening show to Sol Invictus in Mannheim (DE), the “Wave Gotik Treffen” in Leipzig (DE) and the “In Folk Noctis” in Milan (IT). Nowadays it is planned the production of the second album which is scheduled for release in May 2013, after which there will be a mini-promotional tour in some European clubs.