Oniric in the first confirmed bands for the ENTREMURALHAS Festival 2014 (August 28th, 29th, 30th) - CASTELO DE LEIRA - PORTUGAL


Caustic Records presents "Places". "Places" is an ambitious project in which converge music, image and lyrics. "Places" is a compilation of first-order bands encompassed within Neo-folk sounds, Dark Folk, have created an exclusive work (exclusive, unreleased, exclusive mix ...) starting with the inspiration / feelings / sensations arising from the artist by a close place. Each song is accompanied by one or more photos of the actual place in which it was inspired. The compilation is presented in a deluxe digipack in DVD format with 16 pages booklet and every work is presented with the photograph, text and information related to the place.


Bandlist: 1 Darkwood 2 Sturmpercht 3 Falkenstein 4 Argine 5 Sieben 6 Har Belex 7 Strydwolf 8 Sangre de Muerdago 9 Oniric 10 Fragile 11 Madjaned Waltz 12 Fayrierie 13 Hiperborei 14 Stillme

"CAUSTIC RECORDS presents "Mannequins" second album of ONIRIC. "One gloomy destiny...one ancient desire...two unemotional mannequins...one burning passion... to share." [ inspired by a real mid-autumn dream ] The italian Oniric duo, in the names of Carlo De Filippo and GianVigo (Gianpiero Timbro), returns to the stage with this second nostalgy-based release, which brings with it atmospheres of ancient and undefined times, flavors of distant and charming worlds, dusty paintings and nocturnal cryptic tales. With the melody as a strength and an elegant arrangements research, the Oniric project keeps unique its sound. All enhanced, once again, with the ethereal vocals featured by Simona Giusti.


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Ultra limited collectors edition to 100 copies of ONIRIC "Mannequins" released as a handmade WOOD painted box including CD in standard edition... a must-have for all the collectors!

Mannequins Woodbox edition


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Oniric live @ URBAN FABRIQUE - Teatro Palladium, Piazza Bartolomeo Romano, Roma -IT- h. 20.00

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Oniric live @ RITES FESTIVAL (+ Larrnakh & Dernière Volonté) - WIEN (AT) on April 27th 2013

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Oniric live @ U Turn, Via Pallonetto a Santa Chiara 15/C - Napoli on November 3th h.22.00

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